Pierre H. Boucheron

My grandfather Pierre H. Boucheron published magazine articles and left many unpublished manuscripts. I edited some of these as articles about him. “A Businessman Aloft” which he wrote in 1939 appears today in the online magazine Across the Margin. Tomorrow, the same magazine will publish “Greenland Assignment” from his book by that title. And the next day, they will run “The Captain,” which goes from 1943 to the end of his life. He was a captain in the United States Naval Reserve.


Biographical Radiogram

My essay “Biographical Radiogram” is posted in The Tishman Review, online at tishmanreview.com. Actually, most of the essay was written by my grandfather, Pierre Boucheron, a radio pioneer. He wrote about his work as the director of advertising at RCA in the 1920s in New York.

Belmont Sketches

Three short sketches of the Belmont neighborhood are in the current issue of Gravel, gravelmag.com. They are “The Livestock Market,” “The Night Roost” and “Flowering Trees.” Other sketches of Belmont have appeared, such as “Gibson’s Grocery” in Origami Journal, origamijournal.com and “Belmont Park” in Bangalore Review, bangalorereview.com. More are on the way.

Belmont Park

My essay “Belmont Park,” a walk around a popular neighborhood park, is in the current issue of Bangalore Review,  (India) website bangalorereview.com. Click on the Culture tab. I also took the photo of the Oval.