Milo Review at has a new issue with my essay “Trophies,” taken from a longer piece on childhood in North Syracuse, New York, ca. 1960.


Belmont Sketches

Three short sketches of the Belmont neighborhood are in the current issue of Gravel, They are “The Livestock Market,” “The Night Roost” and “Flowering Trees.” Other sketches of Belmont have appeared, such as “Gibson’s Grocery” in Origami Journal, and “Belmont Park” in Bangalore Review, More are on the way.

Belmont Park

My essay “Belmont Park,” a walk around a popular neighborhood park, is in the current issue of Bangalore Review,  (India) website Click on the Culture tab. I also took the photo of the Oval.

Two new stories

Two of my stories just appeared in free online magazines. “The Man of Straw” is in StepAway Magazine (UK) at “The Choir Director” is in Origami Journal (Toronto) at I wrote “The Choir Director” as the opening of a mystery novel, of which other pieces have been published. The novel features Louisa Abernethy Jones as a newspaper columnist who investigates the life and death of church organist and choir director Ralph Willis, in Hapsburg, Virginia.

The Castle

“The Castle,” my story, is in the new issue of Short Fiction, published by Plymouth University, England. I have not seen the magazine yet–they say it’s in the mail. Leander Preddy, heir to a Gilded Age fortune, meets Heracles, a circus strongman. They form a “band of brothers” and move into a fairy-tale castle on the Blue Ridge. It’s a spoof on the Dooley family and Swananoa. If the Dooleys had a son, this might have happened.