Chesapeake Writers’ Conference

This morning, I leave the Chesapeake Writers’ Conference, at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Jerry Gabriel, an English professor at the college, organized and ran the conference, which brought four writer-teachers together with about thirty-five writer-students for a week of craft talks, writing exercises, and summer vacation. The small size of the group encourages conversation. The salt marsh air and hot weather encourage informality. People return year after year to St. Mary’s, so the conference is taking on the flavor of a family reunion–without those unbearable relatives.


Very Good English

The online magazine The Writing Disorder at published a new issue today with my short fiction “Very Good English.” Patrick Willis, languishing in jail, needs Jolene Pitt to give a statement to the police about where he was the night his brother died.

The Shaker Library

It happened while I wasn’t looking – On Being, the blog that accompanies the Krista Tippett radio program, published my essay “The Shaker Library” on April 9. They changed the title and added photographs. For a direct link, try THIS.


My essay on childhood in the 1950s and 1960s in a subdivision called Bellewood, in North Syracuse, New York, went online today in Poydras Review, Family members are quoted, and a letter my mother wrote in 1962. Music in school, field trips, and boys in the jungle.


My short story “Windsock” is in the new issue of Lowestoft Chronicle, online at lowestoft.

A lovely young woman starts an erotic correspondence with an elderly author named Windsock. He invites her on a date, they have an affair, and after he departs this life she carries the torch.

Three Belmont Sketches

New Plains Review at the University of Central Oklahoma – the Spring 2016 issue has three of my Belmont Sketches, short nonfiction pieces on the city neighborhood where I live. Other sketches have appeared in literary magazines such as Gravel, Origami Journal, and Bangalore Review.

New story “The Proof”

My short story “The Proof” appears in the December issue of the Canadian online magazine Origami Journal. LINK Two young professionals A and B meet at a weeknight social event. They discover they have so much in common that A = B. The event winds down as they urgently solve the new equation A + B = C.

The Dialtones

My short story “The Dialtones” is in the current issue of the online magazine Poydras Review, In my fictional town of Hapsburg, a young entertainer drops out of college, then gets himself fired from a job at the foundry. As a waiter at the Catharsis Cafe, David forms a band called the Dialtones. On the verge of success, he knows he must leave home, disappointing his biggest fan, his sister Jane.