Short Story “Baxter”

My short story “Baxter” is posted online in the June issue of Origami Journal, website The life story of a man in a few pages.


Kensington Street, Graves Street

Bloodstone Review just published my essay “Kensington Street,” about a 1977 summer job in housing renovation in New Haven, website Sheepshead Review just published my essay “Graves Street,” about a house I bought, renovated and sold in 2013 in Charlottesville. Both essays are in a series on places where I lived.

More stories, essays and poems have been accepted for the months ahead. Also, my mystery novel Blue Hydrangea is being published as a serial, posted weekly, in The Biscuit, website

Belmont Sketches

Three short sketches of the Belmont neighborhood are in the current issue of Gravel, They are “The Livestock Market,” “The Night Roost” and “Flowering Trees.” Other sketches of Belmont have appeared, such as “Gibson’s Grocery” in Origami Journal, and “Belmont Park” in Bangalore Review, More are on the way.

Belmont Park

My essay “Belmont Park,” a walk around a popular neighborhood park, is in the current issue of Bangalore Review,  (India) website Click on the Culture tab. I also took the photo of the Oval.

Two new stories

Two of my stories just appeared in free online magazines. “The Man of Straw” is in StepAway Magazine (UK) at “The Choir Director” is in Origami Journal (Toronto) at I wrote “The Choir Director” as the opening of a mystery novel, of which other pieces have been published. The novel features Louisa Abernethy Jones as a newspaper columnist who investigates the life and death of church organist and choir director Ralph Willis, in Hapsburg, Virginia.

Hapsburg Update

I adapted six of the Hapsburg stories as one-act plays, all comedies. There will be a production of “Algebra” and “This Is My Story” in the Underground Theater, under the sanctuary of Hinton Avenue Methodist Church, Charlottesville, on the weekend of January 31, 2015. “Algebra” is an adaptation of the story “Twirlette,” featuring the Clough sisters–Elizabeth twirls a baton, and Emily tutors a high school senior in algebra. “This Is My Story” is an adaptation of “Tittle-Tattle”–five citizens compete in public speaking at the Lyceum, as each tells a story from his or her life. The audience votes for the best.

There’s more to come from Hapsburg. “Cousin Tony” arrives for his annual rest after Mardi Gras, gives a chest of jewelry to the Clough sisters, supposedly from their great grandmother, and returns to New Orleans to die. Mavis looks for “Sensible Shoes” at the Thrift Shop and gets mixed up in a bank robbery, while the robber hastily disguised as Claire steps out with unsuspecting Ernie, who came to look for collectible toasters.