New story “The Proof”

My short story “The Proof” appears in the December issue of the Canadian online magazine Origami Journal. LINK Two young professionals A and B meet at a weeknight social event. They discover they have so much in common that A = B. The event winds down as they urgently solve the new equation A + B = C.


The Dialtones

My short story “The Dialtones” is in the current issue of the online magazine Poydras Review, In my fictional town of Hapsburg, a young entertainer drops out of college, then gets himself fired from a job at the foundry. As a waiter at the Catharsis Cafe, David forms a band called the Dialtones. On the verge of success, he knows he must leave home, disappointing his biggest fan, his sister Jane.

Pierre H. Boucheron

My grandfather Pierre H. Boucheron published magazine articles and left many unpublished manuscripts. I edited some of these as articles about him. “A Businessman Aloft” which he wrote in 1939 appears today in the online magazine Across the Margin. Tomorrow, the same magazine will publish “Greenland Assignment” from his book by that title. And the next day, they will run “The Captain,” which goes from 1943 to the end of his life. He was a captain in the United States Naval Reserve.

Kensington Street, Graves Street

Bloodstone Review just published my essay “Kensington Street,” about a 1977 summer job in housing renovation in New Haven, website Sheepshead Review just published my essay “Graves Street,” about a house I bought, renovated and sold in 2013 in Charlottesville. Both essays are in a series on places where I lived.

More stories, essays and poems have been accepted for the months ahead. Also, my mystery novel Blue Hydrangea is being published as a serial, posted weekly, in The Biscuit, website

Belmont Sketches

Three short sketches of the Belmont neighborhood are in the current issue of Gravel, They are “The Livestock Market,” “The Night Roost” and “Flowering Trees.” Other sketches of Belmont have appeared, such as “Gibson’s Grocery” in Origami Journal, and “Belmont Park” in Bangalore Review, More are on the way.