Audible Cities

Rappahannock Review posted Issue 7.2 today. It includes my travel fiction “Audible Cities.” You may be stuck at home, but you can see and hear “Hushington,” “Vocaville,” and “Cacaphonepolis.” LINK1

The magazine also has an interview with each author, so check that too. LINK2

A Good Table, Wassamotta

Two online publications today. The first is a short play, and the second is from the Geosophical Cities, which have appeared here and there for a few years.

Slippage Lit magazine posted my story “A Good Table,” where a crowded sidewalk café brings people together, whether they like it or not. LINK 1

Fat Cat magazine posted my story “Wassamotta,” where climate change comes to an arctic town built on permafrost. LINK 2