Coldnoon, a print and online magazine from Jindal Global University, Delhi, posted my travel fiction “Ipsilla,” from a series of imaginary cities. In Ipsilla, women hold the reins of power.  LINK


Erlenmeyer flask

Moonchild Magazine in its first issue published my flash fiction “Erlenmeyer Flask.” While performing a titration in the chemistry lab, Mona gets dumped. LINK

The Lampshade

The premiere issue of Green Light Journal includes my flash fiction “The Lampshade.” Nora, who first appeared in “The Jaunty Hat” in July 2016 in Origami Journal, notices a stain on a lampshade in her apartment. Wondering what to do about it becomes a crisis. LINK

What Jesus Wrote

Porridge Magazine in Cambridge, England, posted my essay “What Jesus Wrote.” LINK

The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles quote the words of Jesus, but they are written in Greek, and Jesus spoke Aramaic. Scholars have long suspected that the writers of these books used a source called Q of Jesus’s sayings. I argue that Q may be a Greek translation of an Aramaic text written by Jesus or his followers.