one fine day

The online magazine Fictive Dream posted my short story “One Fine Day” at LINK. Joncey, a young mother in a cabin in the woods, talks about her second-hand purchases, her wandering husband Trip, his buddy Spotswood, her piecework knitting for Suellen, and so on. Mama listens up to a point.

Anomalous Cities

The online magazine Queen Mob’s Tea House posted my “Anomalous Cities,” three profiles of imaginary places. See the tab MISFIT DOCS at LINK.

Jumbledore, Lugnutton, and Xibamboo are from a series of Papers of the Geosophical Club, a fictitious club founded in the early 1800s in New York to promote exploration around the world. More cities are scheduled to appear in other magazines.

Some colorful explorers may also be profiled – the Mackenzie Party, Dr. Delahanty, W. E. Drumheller (native son of Hapsburg, Virginia) and the Victorian lady traveler Fanny Cockburn Rove, who made a spectacular entrance in scarlet cape and spurs.


The online magazine Dime Show Review posted my short story “Yogacop.” LINK

Norm, a musclebound cop, fails the annual police department physical. Gale, his girlfriend, suggests yoga. He sheds the excess pounds, but she feels neglected. Yelling ensues, then harmony.

the luberon

New Haven Review, Issue 19, published my essay “The Luberon.” My copies arrived yesterday, though the issue is dated Winter 2016. The paper magazine comes out twice a year. It posts back issues online at

The essay starts in an upscale health club, where an infomercial starring supermodel Cindy Crawford touts a product called Meaningful Beauty, which is made from a melon grown in the Luberon. Much of this is fake, but the Luberon is a real place, where Peter Mayle set his book A Year in Provence. Much earlier Alphonse Daudet did much the same in his Letters from My Windmill. Truth, beauty, tourist lit, and the ravages of age.

the leather jacket

The current issue of Chantwood Magazine, #5 dated November 2016, has my short story “The Leather Jacket.” LINK In the lost village of Endeavor, in a shop full of junk, hardware clerk Ernie buys an old leather jacket, which prompts hum to buy a used motorcycle. His landlady Hazel, the town librarian, also thirtyish and single, asks to hitch a ride.