Fanny Cockburn Rove

The online travel magazine Coldnoon based in India published my fictional biography of Fanny Cockburn Rove, best known for her visit to Ipsilla, the city ruled by women. LINK



The May 2018 WINK or Writers In the Know, Issue 4 has my flash fiction “Phrase.” LINK You can buy it now or wait three months and download it.

The Bicycle

My short story “The Bicycle” was posted yesterday in the Saturday Evening Post. Wesley Grubb, a fortyish singer-songwriter tells how he tries to ride a bicycle, falls and wrecks his arm, and proposes to Laurel, twenty years younger. It’s her bicycle. LINK

Cousin Tony

The April issue of Blue Lake Review, an online magazine, has my short story “Cousin Tony.” An elderly gay man arrives from New Orleans for two weeks rest after Mardi Gras. He brings loot for the Clough girls, but where did he get it? LINK