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the librarian, the silver locket

The Green Light magazine published issue 3 with my stories “The Librarian” and “The Silver Locket.” Hazel Lampwick, at the Hapsburg Public Library, hires Laurel after an animal rights protest. In the shop on Mulberry Lane, Nora Devereux examines a silver locket and papers that came with it, papers that tell an unusual story.  LINK


One Morning

For the month of August, Spelk Fiction publishes one new flash each day. August 2 saw my “One Morning.” LINK

outdoor café, ritterburg, electrozoa, Allegheny spa

In June, my flash fiction “Outdoor Café” was posted in Fictive DreamLINK A tourist couple at an outdoor café and an unknown savior.

My flash fiction “Ritterburg” was posted in Mojave River ReviewLINK A model of a castle made of paper, its travels with me, and a fiery sacrifice.

My flash fiction “Electrozoa” was published in a new Scottish magazine called Nitrogen House. From the series of Geosophical Cities, the first city in cyberspace.

July 16, my flash fiction “Allegheny Spa” was posted in Idle Ink, LINK Brought down by sciatica, I visit the spa in Hushington, another Geosophical city.

The Bicycle

My short story “The Bicycle” was posted yesterday in the Saturday Evening Post. Wesley Grubb, a fortyish singer-songwriter tells how he tries to ride a bicycle, falls and wrecks his arm, and proposes to Laurel, twenty years younger. It’s her bicycle. LINK