2 thoughts on “Lugnutton”

  1. Dear Bob,

    I read your story “Lugnutton” with interest and surprise. I had always envisioned cities with a large robot population to be gleaming, well planned, totally organized, with nothing soft or confusing about them. But you have written about such a city as I’m sure it is likely to be in real life (now that I think about it)–an outgrowth of an all-human and animal city which has been partly adapted so that robots can “live” there too.

    I guess there are planned cities. I understand that Washington DC is one of them. It was planned by humans, not by robots, yet it turned out to be inhospitable for human beings, having been built on a swamp full of mosquitoes. At least that’s how the story goes. As an architect you would know better than I.

    I wonder how robots would do in a city built in a place that would be impossible for humans to live, like Death Valley. Have you written about a city like that?

    Speaking of planned cities, what did you think of the place you visited in Lancaster?

    I’m doing basically okay except that I’m looking at a month of Physical Therapy to heal an inflamed hip flexor tendon. It turns out that my two legs are not the same length, and this may account for my knee, hip and large muscle problems over the years. The inflamed tendon is painful and quite limiting. Walking and driving, for example, are both very painful. That eliminates a lot of potential activities. Well, off to PT I go–again.

    Your friend, Carol

    On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 5:22 PM Robert Boucheron wrote:

    > Robert Boucheron posted: “Unfit Magazine saw fit to post my story > “Lugnutton,” about the post-industrial city of robots. LINK” >


  2. Dear bob,

    I just finished the juggler. Now that is a cliffhanger! I want to know the next scene.

    ON a more serious note, I think your treatment of the question about what happens to boys who become men under less than advantaged circumstances and with few innate strengths is excellent.

    Excuse typos please. Using iPad. Carol


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