megalotaphos, brown betty

The online magazine Coldnoon, based in New Delhi, posted my fictional travelogue “Megalotaphos” under their tab “Dialogues.” LINK

A deserted city built of stone at the edge of the desert – ancient necropolis, or the home of an unknown race? From the Geosophical series of imaginary places.

The online magazine Fair Folk Journal, soon to change its name, posted my fairy tale “Brown Betty.” LINK

After the wedding of her twin sister of Lily White in the fairy tale “Rufty Tufty,” which I translated from French and published in the same magazine, Brown Betty is melancholy from unrequited love. In disguise as Byron Bewtt, she serves as a page for a year in the castle of her prince, Jim Dandy. The plot involves a bee and the game of chess.

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