Cigar Box

Spelk Fiction, a blog-format magazine for flash fiction in England, posted my “Cigar Box.” LINK After March 14, scroll the list of authors to me.


The Glass Slipper, The XYZ Affair

My essay “The Glass Slipper” on the original Cinderella fairy tale by Charles Perrault is in Empty Mirror. LINK 1

My flash fiction “The XYZ Affair” is in the debut issue of Bending Genres. The last three letters of the alphabet want to secede.  LINK 2


The online magazine Subtle Fiction from New Zealand posted my short story “Hardware.” Shakewell Hardware is a family business in Hapsburg, Virginia, but the family is losing interest. Long-time clerk Ernie Watkins can help. LINK

Lunaport, A True Love Knot

Moonchild Magazine posted my futurist story “Lunaport” under the tab “more magic.” LINK An imaginary city on the moon.

The Summerset Review posted my post-Civil War story “A True Love Knot.” LINK In Hapsburg, Virginia, the industrialist and eligible bachelor Raphael Poindexter starts a “female academy.” He and the headmaster, both from Boston, marry two in the first class of graduates.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel

On a day when the United States announces it will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Tuck Magazine posted my essay on an ancient tunnel under the city. Attributed to King Hezekiah in the Bible, the tunnel may have inspired stories of “forts” and “underground passages” in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. LINK